Salem Fire Open House Brings out the Child in Everyone

October 10, 2014

by Bob GibbsThe Salem Fire Department’s annual open house at the Central Fire Station on Main Street brought out the inner child in everyone who stopped by.  On Saturday, Oct. 4, visitors had the opportunity to get up close and personal to the department’s equipment and motorized apparatus.

Many of the children couldn’t wait to get up into the fire trucks and advanced life support vehicles.  Everyone, old and young alike, could see what the fire department uses to put out fires and rescue people and animals from dangerous situations.

Along with being able to walk around the fire station, spectators were treated to a demonstration of how the fire personnel put out a car fire.  Using an old car, positioned a safe distance from the spectators, the firefighters started a fire within the vehicle.  Once the fire was going strong, three firefighters in their complete fire protection equipment, approached the fire with a fire hose and went to work extinguishing the blaze.

In addition to the tour and demonstration, free food and drinks from local restaurants was available.  Also, companies demonstrating ways to keep your home fire safe were available to answer people’s questions.