Salem Election Results

Salem Election Results from March 12, 2013

Michael Carney (left) and Town Moderator Christopher Goodnow tabulate the results.

Non-Binding Gaming Referendum- Pass by close to 80 percent

Yes- 4,598
No- 1,074

Here are the candidates elected.

Selectman- Vote for one

Patrick Hargreaves (Elected)
Stephen Kelly


Budget Committee- Vote for two

Martha Spalding (Elected)

Paul Welsch (Elected)

Josef Brown

Stephen Coufos

Eugene Morgan

Budget Committee One Year- Vote for one

Steven Plante (Elected)
Russell Frydryck (incumbent)


Library Trustee- Vote for one

Martha Breen (Elected)
Genevieve Lord


Trustee of the Trust Funds- Vote for one

Thomas Linehan (Elected)
Harley Featherston (Incumbent)


Planning Board 3 Year- Vote for two

Linda Harvey (Elected)
Edward DeClercq (Elected)
Albert MacDonald

Zoning Board Three Year- Vote for one

Arthur Nobrega (Elected)
John Manning


School Board- Vote for two

Patricia Corbett (Elected)

Peter Morgan (Elected)

John Manning


School Clerk- Vote for one

Kelly Bryant


School Moderator- Vote for one

Mark Pearson


School Treasure- Vote for one

Linda Cornwell


Here is a summary of town articles:

Article 2- Conditional USe Permit Provisions in Wetlands- Pass
Article 3- Modify Wetlands Definition and Jurisdiction to Include Vernal Pools- Pass
Article 4- Reorganize Wetlands Ordinance- Pass
Article 5- Change Shed Setbacks- Pass
Article 6- Bridge Reconstruction Bond $1,189,000- Pass
Article 7- Road Construction and Engineering $5,336,899- Pass
Article 8- Town Operating Budget $37,482,302- Pass
Article 9- Winter Weather Operations $250,000- Pass
Article 10- Bridge Engineering Design for Shannon Road $125,000- Pass
Article 11- Purchase an Ambulance $250,000- Pass
Article 12- Purchase Two Six Wheel Dump Trucks and 4X4 Pickup Truck $354,708- Pass
Article 13- Fund Outside Human Service Agencies $0- Pass
Article 14- Sale of Mary Foss School- Pass
Article 15- Sale of Town Property on Keewaydin Drive- Pass
Article 16- Kelly Library Employment Separation Trust Fund $27,000- Pass
Article 17- The Upper Room, A Family Resource Center $10,000- Pass
Article 18- Local Chapter of Family Promise $5,000- Pass
Article 19- Local Chapter of Family Promise $0- Pass
Article 20- Salem Youth Softball $4,500- Pass
Article 21- Boys & Girls Club $10,000- Pass
Article 22- Reconstruction of Field and Lyndale Ave $175,000- Fail

 Major School Articles:

Article 2- Fisk and Soule School Renovations $16,205,153- Pass
Article 3- Haigh School Renovations- $805,237- Fail
Article 4- School Operating Budget $62,247,816- Pass
Article 5- Fund Increase for Salem School Board and the SESPA $72,232- Pass
Article 6- Multipurpose Room for Soule School $679,800- Fail