Salem Building Plans on Broadway

April 4, 2014

by Bob Gibbs

Among the currently ongoing community business projects in the works in Salem are the Cumberland Farms at 382 S. Broadway and the site of the former Service Credit Union on 159 North Broadway.

Plans for the razing and rebuilding of a remodeled Cumberland Farms were approved by the Salem Planning Board at last week’s meeting.

The remodeling will be a smaller 4,500-square-foot building and 12 gasoline pumps.  The new building will only house Cumberland Farms.  At this time, Ralphies’ Cafe Italiano is the only other business in this building.  Ralphies is attempting to find a new home in Salem.

Ross Moldoff, the planning director for the Town of Salem, says the new property will be much more environmentally friendly.  The curbing around the entire property will be placed to funnel all rainwater to a filtration pond that will be located behind the building.  This pond will have aquatic plants that will filter and clean the runoff before it gets into the soil.

The property will also have small trees and shrubs to enhance the look of the property.  Outside the building will be shaded tables making this a great place to stop for anyone traveling along the rail trail that runs behind the property.

Moldoff stated that the lights above the gas pumps will be recessed and of a lower intensity, making these lights less of a distraction to neighbors and travelers along Route 28.

The former Service Credit Union site at 159 North Broadway has been approved by the planning board to be built as an 8,000-square-foot urgent care and medical office building.  Parking will accommodate vehicles including handicap spaces.  A variance was approved allowing the building to be set back 10 feet from the front property line where 30 feet is the usual requirement.

A tenant for this property has not been announced.

For more information on the projects going on in Salem go to the town’s project website: