Rusty has a Home Sweet Home

January 17, 2014

Courtesy Photo Rusty enjoys his first day at Sunset View Stables as he eats a hearty breakfast of hay.

by Doug Robinson

Rusty has hit the Megabucks.  His story gets even better as Rusty did not even have to lay down his buck to win the Megabucks jackpot!  He is “stepping on up”, as one would say, to live at Sunset View Stables in Candia.

The 21-year-old quarter horse gelding, has resided in the fields of Ralph Barrett’s home in Pelham for many years.  Due to Rusty’s age and economic conditions Barrett faces, Rusty is in need of special care and a new home.

In speaking with Barrett, he confirmed that he “had been keeping Rusty in a pen behind his Russell Drive home.”  Barrett had been looking for a new home for Rusty over the past several weeks, but was discouraged after learning some area rescues charged up to a $600 surrender fee.

Local neighbors complained to the authorities about the care that Rusty had been receiving.  In addition, neighbors had taken it upon themselves to trespass on to Barrett’s property to feed him improperly.  Neighbors complained about Rusty’s lack of a blanket, where in fact, a blanket was available and used during the appropriate times.  “His coat was thick and enough to handle winter,” continued Barrett.  “The only times he would need the blanket was at times he was inactive or sick, which was almost never.”

Pelham’s Animal Control Officer Allison Caprigno issued a citation on one of the neighbors who chose to step in and begin feeding Rusty.  “Barrett is properly feeding Rusty.  This is a senior horse with a sensitive system.  It can be very dangerous to mess with his diet, especially in the wintertime.”  As previously reported by the Union Leader, “Caprigno stressed that no abuse charges have been filed against Barrett and that Rusty’s appearance is typical of a horse his age.”

Having read of Rusty’s plight, Kaitlyn Morrill of Sunset View Stables stepped up to the plate and offered Rusty the opportunity to live out his days at her retirement home for horses.

Sunset View Stables is on 63 acres with a natural pond and trails for walking, hunting and horses.

The day after Rusty’s departure, Barrett commented, “I am very happy for Rusty.  He has already made a new friend with a horse who lives on the Sunset View property.  I am thankful to Pelham’s Animal Control Officer, Allison Caprigno for her help.”

Morrill said she’ll be posting updates on Rusty’s progress in his new home via the farm’s Facebook page,