Rocking the House at Salem High Battle of the Bands

April 4, 2014

by Bob Gibbs

The Salem High School junior and senior classes presented “Battle of the Bands” at Seifert auditorium.  The battle was held between groups and artists from Salem High School.  Attendees to the battle were asked to bring in canned food goods that would be donated to local food kitchens.

The bands involved in this year’s battle were as follows:

Running with Scissors:  Noah Rothgaber, Richard Wildes, Heather Brooks and Alex Gulliver;

Run On Three:  Nick Santo, Dylan Sheltzer, Tommy Stift and Keeghan Fountain;

Krissy & Drew:  Krissy Renalds and Drew Moro;

Beast ee Boyz:  Brennan Tremblay, Dylan Smeltzer and Jack Boudreau;

Chloe & Troy:  Chloe Reynolds and Troy Labranche;

Trogdor:  Alex Burrill and James Selter;

The Blind Commissioner:  Dan Donovan; and

Juice Jiving Part III:  Alex Burrill.

In battle number 1, Run on Three went up against Running With Scissors.  In battle number 2, Krissy & Drew faced off against Beast ee Boyz.  In battle number 3, Chloe & Troy challenged Trogdor.  And in battle number 4, The Blind Commissioner opposed Juice Jiving Part III.

Between the round of musical competition the audience was entertained, educated, and amused by the legendary 80s British sensations Lady Twinklestar, Thorn Bjorn and Brick Stonetooth.  The stars reminisced of their days on the road with the great rock and roll stars of the past as well as their most recent food consumptions.

After the very competitive first rounds, the next battles were Chloe & Troy versus Krissy & Drew, followed by a battle between Run on Three and The Blind Commissioner.

After the preliminary rounds, the crowd was revved up for the final battle between Chloe & Troy and The Blind Commissioner.  This battle had the audience cheering for their favorites and attempting to influence the judges.

After the final performance, everyone was left exhausted but wanting more, all of the battlers came on stage to hear the Rock sensations announce the winner.

The winner of this year’s Salem High School Battle of the Bands was The Blind Commissioner – Dan Donovan