Robinson Road Fire Station to be Staffed 7/24

November 22, 2013

Engine One and Tanker One in front of Station One, on Robinson Road. The station will be staffed around the clock beginning in the spring.

by Doug Robinson

The Robinson Road Fire Station will “fully staffed and operational seven days a week, 24 hours a day” next spring, commented Hudson Fire Chief, Robert Buxton.

“We have been able to transition monies from our Administration line budget to our Suppression line budget so that we may staff the Fire Station.  With my promotion from having been within the department, we decided that we would not replace my position and we would provide more opportunities for those in Administration to serve.”

Continuing, “During the last month, we have realigned duties, assignments, as well as responsibilities of the Administration staff.  This realignment has thus afforded us the ability to save tax-payer money as well as increase services on the north end of town.”

The change will allow the Hudson Fire Department to staff its third ambulance full time, providing a more consistent level of service town wide and reducing the high response times for the north end of town.  “The new deployment model we believe will lead to the department becoming more efficient overall leading to greater service to the community.”

According to Chief Buxton, a complete analysis of the fire calls has been completed involving the Robinson Road Fire Station.  “We realize that for those who live in that part of town, many of the residents work during the day, resulting in fewer calls during the day.  Many of the calls for the north end are at night time when the homes have families living in them.  We want to provide all the citizens the best coverage possible for their ongoing safety.”

The staffing of Robinson Road will require a shifting of man power as well as an increase of one firefighter per shift.  Currently, five firefighters work at Central Station, three at Burns Hill and two at Robinson Road only Tuesday through Friday (days only).  The new staffing matrix will position three firefighters at each of the stations seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

“And, will have an ambulance with trained paramedics at each fire station,” continued Chief Buxton.

“We will not put a product on the street before a full and complete review as been completed by all parties, including the Budget Committee and the Hudson Board of Selectmen.  The complete and comprehensive review will involve an analysis of the entire organization, our response time to all areas of Hudson, our deployment matrix of fire calls, our incident types and most importantly, how we can best utilize the great talent we have within our fire department.  We are excited about the opportunity to provide increased services without an increase in the tax rate.”