Robinson Road Fire Station Now Staffed 24/7

August 8, 2014
Courtesy Photo  First Duty Crew at Robinson Road Station

Courtesy Photo First Duty Crew at Robinson Road Station

by Len Lathrop

Known in the fire department as Station One, located on Robinson Road almost in sight of the pond, now has a crew of three firefighters/EMTs around the clock.  The long-awaited opening occurred on this past Sunday.

With the staffing of Station One the town now has nine firefighter/EMTs on duty at all times, with three staff members at each station.  The staff scheduling continues to be based on four groups of firefighters/EMTs who work 24-hour shifts.  Every station has an ambulance and there are paramedics in every manpower group.

All Hudson firefighter/EMTs are cross apparatus trained, and apparatus alarm assignments have been adjusted under the direction of Chief Rob Buxton to minimize response time and to have the equipment and manpower on all emergency scenes, to handle all situations.

As your HLN goes to press Wednesday night, only three days have passed with Hudson having three stations staffed 24/7.  No data is yet available on new response times to north Hudson homes and will be shared with readers as soon as it is.