Robinson Pond Shows the Creator’s Wondrous World

April 21, 2017


by Len Lathrop

Easter sunrise services are generally a test of one’s faith.  It is usually dark as you arrive, and sometimes it is cold and even wet, but the celebration is always there, “Christ is Risen.”  But Easter Sunday 2017 found the celebration of the transition from death to life of a risen Christ illuminated by sunlight, crisp air and birds singing.

The faithful know why they are there, as the call to worship comes from Rev. Moa Imchen, “No matter how often the dawn heralds day’s beginning with sounds and light, we always welcome the dense of newness that morning gives.  And no matter how many times we hear the Easter story proclaimed in song and gospel, we always welcome the assurance of newness that Christ’s resurrection gives.”

While Rev. Moa spoke of the miracles of God and the celebration of Christ being risen, he could not help but mention the glorious day that was provided for this year’s celebration.  In his previous two sunrise services with the church at Robinson Pond, everyone’s winter boots had been needed.

With music and prayers abound, the members of the First Baptist Church of Hudson were basked in sunshine as they thanked God for Christ having been risen.