Robinson Pond Sand Castle Contest Offers Summer Creativity

July 25, 2014

by Tom Tollefson

The annual Hudson Recreation Summer Program sand castle contest was another hit under the summer sun this past Friday with both children and staff.  Summer counselors Kevin Kauffman and Britton Doyle not only judged the competition, but made a castle themselves.

“We wanted to inspire the kids to take part in the festivities,” said Kauffman.

Over ten different teams of at least three children per team worked most of the day to impress the judges with their best sand construction efforts.

“It was a good competition.  All the sand castles were good and the kids put a lot of effort into it.  It came down to four that were tough to judge,” Doyle said.

The team of Jackson Scourick, 12, Connor Mackey, 12, Nick Woodard, 13, Zach Pare, 13, and Jacob Hardman, 12, took first place for their masterpiece titled “Casa De Robinson.”

“We just pretty much drew an outline and built it on the fly,” said Hardman.

Their castle’s perimeter included outer and inner sand walls with rocks as decorations.  They also added a moat on the outside of their walls as a last minute addition before the judging began.

“I was surprised because there was other competition that was pretty good,” Pare said.

Moats were a popular addition to the sand castles this year.  A good majority of the teams used moats for their creations.

Taking second place was the team of Victoria Vachon, 12, Autumn Felming, 12, Stephanie Meyer, 14, Sara Kraus, 12, and Hannah Kraus, 8.  The group made a collection of sand mounds surrounded by a circular border.

“I think some of the other sand castles were good and deserve a place too,” Kraus said.

Brooke Landry, 8, Sarah Moreau, 9, Gabrielle Goulet, 8, and Allyana Goulet, 10, took third place for their flower covered sand castle titled “Lava Forest.”

Many of the others were competitive as well with the competition and put hours into their sand creations in hopes of placing first.

“Last year we made a flower den and came in second.  We noticed that the team that won made a bigger sand castle than us so this year we thought we’d make it bigger like theirs,” Laiza Eugenio said as she worked on her sand castle with her friends.

The Hudson Recreation Summer program takes place at Robinson Pond every Friday.  The program is held at the Hudson Community Center Monday through Thursday.