Remembering Jerry Desrosiers

October 23, 2015


Gerald Desrosiers Jr.

Gerald Desrosiers Jr.

by Len Lathrop

Hudson lost another great soul last week when Gerald Desrosiers, Jr., died.  While only 66 years old, he had filled his life and his family’s life with many adventures.  Not a person to walk softly and carry a big stick, but a man who could teach you something and was always willing to help anyone who needed him.

There is a proverb, which I am reminded when my thoughts travel to the loss of Jerry:  “Every man goes down to his death bearing in his hands only which he has given away.”  Well, Jerry’s hands must have been full, and he most likely had a pile of things in the back yard that he could not carry.  Anyone who knew Jerry knew about the “junkyard” behind the house.  Where, if you found what you needed, it was yours.

Jerry’s passion for Benson Park was where our paths first met.  The park’s transition was just starting, and he and Bob Nadeau were pulling weeds and cutting vines in front of the office building.  Many years have passed since those early days at Benson.  I can see them working, but can’t find the picture I shot.  Bensons is transformed and changed now, but Jerry and the blue/green minivan were always there.  He could open the back gate and find any nut, bolt or screw you needed.  And as his health failed, you could find him and his red scooter there.

The next time you see the antique blue Maxwell that is owned by the Historical Society, please remember that Jerry worked many hours with others to get it to the near runnable condition it is currently at.  Picture Jerry in his Model T, one of the many vehicles he restored and the assistance he offered to those restoring automotive history.

There is no doubt in my mind that when Jerry reached the Heavenly Gate with this arms full, he was welcomed in enthusiastically.   He’ll be as big a help there as he was down there.  Prayers to Ann and the family, many in our little community miss him.

In trying to know how to say goodbye to Jerry, someone submitted a thumbs up to the paper this week that read “Thumbs up to Benson Park – walking through that park always raises my spirits and fills my soul with peace.  On my way out I stop to watch the dogs playing in the dog park, and that keeps me smiling for the rest of the day!  Thank you volunteers!”

Maybe Jerry will read this and it will bring a smile to his face.