Religious Store on the Hill Spreads the Faith

February 26, 2016



by Laurie Jasper

St. Kathryn Parish in Hudson is a vibrant community of faith. It is now also home to St. Kathryn’s Religious Goods Store. The new store opened in December at 4 Dracut Road in the parish office building. Parking is available for shoppers at the top of the hill. The store has its own entrance on the left side of the building, complete with a ramp for handicapped accessibility.

What once was a meeting room/library in the parish office has been transformed into a showplace of beautiful items of the highest quality. Religious medals, necklaces bracelets, rosaries, holy cards, greeting cards, Crucifixes, statues and more are elegantly displayed. Parishioner Rick Balboni said, “We carry jewelry from Bliss out of Rhode Island, all handmade in the USA.” Bliss also designed a special gift box featuring St. Kathryn’s name. “We also carry Fontanini Nativity sets and figures, which are made in Italy and beautiful Joseph’s Studio statues by Roman,” said Balboni. A gifted parishioner’s exquisite fabric art, made by hand entirely of thread, is also for sale.

Balboni does the purchasing for the store and oversees operations, while the store is staffed by parish volunteers. “Each of our volunteers willingly shares their time and talent and hopefully brings the face of Christ to all who come to our door. And that’s exactly what we want – to share the message of Jesus with those who want to hear and experience it,” said Reverend Joseph Cooper, pastor of St. Kathryn’s Parish. “I’m very excited about the store, not only because of the tremendous support we received from the town zoning board, but because it gives us a great opportunity for evangelization in our community.”

Although it has only been open for a few weeks, St. Kathryn’s Religious Goods Store has been doing a steady business. As Easter, First Communion and other spring celebrations approach, the store will add more items for gift giving and remembrance. In addition, special orders may be placed.

“From the time we began to discuss its opening, we have received an overwhelming amount of support because we can offer a wide selection of religious goods in the greater Hudson-Nashua community,” explained Father Cooper. “For us, this becomes another tool for sharing the message of Jesus Christ, to continue the mission of the church by the programming we can provide for our parish and beyond, and to make quality religious goods available to a large number of people without having to travel a great distance.”

St. Kathryn’s Religious Goods Store Hours are as follows:

Monday and Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Tuesday and Thursday, 4 to 7 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

For further information, call Saint Kathryn’s Catholic Religious Goods Store at 595-4463 (595-4GOD).