Reeds Ferry Sheds fill the Food Pantry

December 9, 2016



By Len Lathrop

Can you imagine 14,000 boxes and cans of food, well that was what arrived on a Reeds Ferry truck on Wednesday afternoon to the food pantry at St Johns the 23rdrd church. The pictures with this story speak louder than these words.  An employee, Josh McMahon mentioned to Laurie Blanchette, the company controller that  it would be a great cause if the employees collected food for the Hudson Pantry. It got another boost when the owners brother Tim, Mike and Steve Carleton heard of the effort they offered to match what ever came in.

With 65 workers at Reeds Ferry, no one knew how this would grow, the last number at the end of last week was 6,831 items, but by the time the truck pulled into the church yard the number was over 14,000.

Reeds Ferry Sheds is on Route 102 in Hudson on the Londonderry line, while number of sheds a year is not shared, they will tell you that they install 15 to 18 sheds a day, with 9 installation crews and all the sheds being build at the Hudson facility.

The Reeds Ferry Shed crew and owners not only brought the food but unloaded the truck and trailer and put everything away in the pantry storage area. Pauline Boivert, of the food pantry stood in awe as the truck was unloaded, she was describing how each items would be used. Ramen Noodles go in the food bags given to 95 school children for their weekend meals.

The 14,00 items were unloaded and stored in about 30 minutes, pantry workers were getting every sorted as the Reeds Ferry employees headed back to work.