Recognizing Veterans at Hudson Ceremonies

October 18, 2019



courtesy of Hudson VFW Post 1591

Under the direction of Christina Madden, commander of Hudson VFW Post 1591, veterans’ graves in Hudson cemeteries will be honored with a wreath on Dec. 14 as part of Wreaths Across America.  Madden, with help from Selectman Dave Morin and Mel Gannon, has visited local cemeteries to identify the graves of all soldiers entombed there.  This week, please look over this list of 102 veterans buried in the Hills Farm Cemetery to be sure a family member is included if he/she is buried there.  As of this writing, it is not clear if Hills Farm Cemetery Trustees will allow individual wreaths at headstones, but it is important, nonetheless, to have an accurate list of veterans buried in all Hudson cemeteries.

Over the next weeks, watch for Westview and Sunny Side cemetery lists.  Regrettably, the administration and parish of the Holy Cross Cemetery on Ledge Road and St. Patrick Cemetery will not allow wreaths on the graves of the veterans buried there.  Ceremonial wreaths will be placed at the flagpoles of these two cemeteries. Madden is trying to get a list of veterans buried in those cemeteries.

Please direct your information regarding veterans to Madden at or leave a message at the VFW Post at 598-4594.

For more information about Wreaths Across America, go to www.wreathsacross  To sponsor a wreath at Hudson Area Cemeteries, go to

On Sundays, Nov. 10 and 17, volunteers will be at American Legion Post 48 from 12 to 3 p.m. to accept wreath sponsorships, provide information, and sign up volunteers.


Hills Farm Cemetery

Abbott, James C.

Alukonis, Stanley

Bakalan, Dickran M.

Baker, Alexis,

Baker, William Harvey

Beckham, Joseph R.

Beede, Walter G.

Bisbing, Fred E.

Breen, Jr., John

Brown, S. Wilder

Buchanan, Wallace N.

Bugbee, Albert P.

Bugbee, James Henri

Burnell, Walter

Burnham, John S.

Buxton, Paul W.

Carroll, David W.

Christopher, Francis B.

Christopher, George A.

Cloutier, Ronald David

Coderre, Raymond

Crompton, Harry J.

Crosby, Norman J.

Crosby, Richard Freeman

Cross, Franklin F.

Cross, John

Cross, Wm

Dane, Richard C.

Diviny, Joseph D.

Drown, Leighton Alfred

Dunphy, John B.

Durham, Johnnie B.

Elliot, Wilfred A.

Everett, Walter L.

Tencza, Richard John

Fifield, Pliney E.

Fowler, Gustus W.

French, Gordon Loring

French, Harold G.

French, Maurice Richard

Fuller, Arthur

Gibson, Jr., Paul Babcock

Gibson, Sr., Robert Earle

Goodwin, Francis N.

Gove, Otis Nelson

Griffas, John W.

Griffus, John W.

Groves, E. Stuart

Guinan, Susan E.

Hannford, Winthrop H.

Hardy, David S.

Hardy, Dudley D.

Hardy, Loren R.

Hazard, Geo. W.

Hill, William

Hills, Elijah

Hunnewell, Ralph Edward

Hurd, Chester E.

Hurley, John W.

Jaquith, George D.

Jones (?), A M

Keddy, John H.

Kidder, Jonas

Kingsley, Edgar W.

Kopiski, Stephen

LeClaire, Paul E.

Loshbaugh, Marvin David

MacRae, Jr., Austin D.

MacSweeney, John P.

Mako, Jr., Frank Joseph

Mansfield, Byron.

Marsh, Jonathon

Marshall, George F.

Marshall, John D. K.

McLavey, Edward G.

Morgan, Benton C.

Morin, Romeo H.

Norton, Daniel Joseph

Paquin, Edmond E

Piacenza, Edward Alan

Renaud, George C.

Rogers, George Albiob

Sansom, Charles

Senter, Charles E.

Short, George

Silverman, Charles

Smith, Albert E.

Smith, Clyde F.

Smith, Robert Curtis

Spaulding, Jr., Reuben

Sprake, Oliver

Sprake, Samuel

Stalker, Galen A.

Stillwell, Thomas L.

Stultz, Philip M.

Tayor, H. Dana

Teichman, William A.

Trufant, Arthur

Wetherbee, Harry K.

Winslow, Minton A.

Wolf, Barry H.

Zawatsky, Frank G.