Quick Thinking Landscaper Saves Toddler’s Life

July 26, 2013

Matt Pulomea Staff Photo by Kristen Hoffman


by Kristen Hoffman

Matt Pulomea has spent the last week shrugging off praise, instead insisting that he was merely following his instincts when he gave a Windham toddler life-saving CPR last Wednesday.

The 24 year old Hudson resident had been working on a property on Sharon Road in Windham for several weeks when a toddler living in the house next store somehow fell into the home’s newly constructed above ground pool.  Pulomea works for Hudson based landscaper Designworks.  Pulomea said the pool had been put up the previous day and only filled hours before.

“I heard a splash and I didn’t think anything of it,” Pulomea said, adding that he thought the neighbors were just splashing around and having fun, “Unfortunately, it was nothing fun,” he said.  The splash was the child’s mother, diving into the pool to save her three-year-old son,   “I looked over and she had her son over her shoulder, and I just took off, I knew something was wrong.”  Pulomea said.  That’s when he sprang into action and helped turned what could have been a grave situation into one with a better outcome.

Pulomea darted over to the house and found the child had been laid down on the porch.  The child wasn’t breathing nor did he have a pulse.  He immediately started to administer CPR.  After about six rounds of CPR, the toddler spit out water.  “It was probably another one or two rounds before he took his first breath,” he said.  Within five minutes Windham Fire Rescue was on the scene and Connor was on the way to the hospital.

Pulomea credits his ability to administer life saving actions that day to the Belmont Fire Department.  Shortly after graduating from Nashua High School North in 2008, he entered a two year live-in program with the Belmont Fire Department where he learned life saving skills.  Pulomea hopes to be a firefighter someday.  Only an entrance exam stands in the way.

Pulomea hopes to hear from the family again sometime, and learn how Connor has progressed.  The day after the rescue, he heard from the child’s grandmother, “She was in mid conversation and I rounded the corner and she just broke down in tears, thanking me,” he said.  But to Pulomea his actions were a no-brainer, something that became second nature due to his training.

“I applaud him for stepping forward and providing assistance,” Windham Fire Chief Tom McPherson said.  He added that Pulomea’s actions made a difference in the situation.  He withheld any specific comments on the event out of respect for the toddler’s family.

I’m proud of him,” Pulomea’s mother, Linda Saggese said, adding that it hasn’t been something he’s boasted about, instead just going on with everyday life.