Priority Projects Being Tackled Around Town

October 18, 2013

by Barbara O’Brien

Just like many homeowners do this time of year, Windham Selectmen are making arrangements to have maintenance issues addressed before winter sets in with a vengeance.

During one of their meetings earlier this month, town officials took some time to okay a priority list of repairs and upgrades; a list that was put together with the help of department heads and Town Administrator David Sullivan.  The money for the renovations will be taken from the Windham Property Maintenance Trust; an account that currently contains just slightly less than $80,000.

According to information provided by Assistant Town Administrator and Finance Director Dana Call, $29,238 was carried forward from 2012, while an additional $50,000 was budgeted for 2013; adding up to a total of $79,238 available for use this year.

Sullivan said that painting the exteriors of the Windham Police Department, Fire Department, Senior Center and Searles School and Chapel are at the top of the list; jobs totaling approximately $25,550.  Water repairs at the police department due to leakage into the building are also slated to be done this fall.  This is phase two of this project.  Estimates are pending.  Plans also include replacing 11 windows in the police department with a more energy-efficient style; at an estimate of $6,500

The fire department building is also scheduled for radiant heat and flue venting in the apparatus bay, due to ongoing problems.  The quoted price is $3,800.

Repairs are also needed to the roof on the Senior Center on North Lowell Road, just across from Town Hall.  Repairs will be made to the west side of the building’s main roof, as identified during an inspection earlier this year.  The quoted price is $3,600.  Repairs are also needed to the roof on the Community Development Building; a structure that was built in 1946 as a firehouse.  The cost of the roof repairs was quoted at $19,585 for the full roof and the shed located behind the building.  The defects were also discovered during an inspection this past summer.

Also pertaining to the Community Development Building are plans to replace the original overhead garage doors, with an estimate of $14,000 pending additional quotes.  Because of the historic nature of the building, the doors must be very similar to the existing ones.  The carpeting in this building also needs to be replaced (meeting room and offices) and will be done in phases at an estimated $26 per yard.

As for the Town Hall Building, approved plans include refinishing the upstairs hardwood floor one more time.  Selectmen said that the wood is strong enough to withstand one more sanding and refinishing.  The estimated cost is $5,800.

The total estimated cost of these renovations amounts to $52,535, leaving a balance of $26,703.

Sullivan listed the replacement of carpeting in the hallways and offices of the police department, interior painting of the police and fire departments, repairs to the upstairs kitchen ceiling in the Town Hall, as well as floor tile replacements in the kitchen and stairway landing of the Town Hall, roof replacements on the Bartley House, Senior Center Wing and Town Hall, and other improvements recommended during the recent energy audit as projects that will need to be undertaken in the future.