Press Box at High School Put on Hold

January 6, 2017



by Barbara O’Brien

Following a review by the firm of Banwell Architects and a site visit by Windham Building Inspector Mike McGuire, a volunteer-funded project at Windham High School has been put on hold.

Work had already begun on the press box up the hill from the football field at Windham High School when the school board was made aware of the project, causing some of the members to express concern.  The press box was slated to sit between two existing structures, described as sheds.

Following the subsequent visit by the building inspector, he expressed concerns about safety issues.  Reportedly, there needs to be a change in the building permit, as the structure will be occupied at times.  The press box will also need a foundation, according to the building inspector and plans should also be reviewed by a structural engineer.

School board member Tom Murray said he wondered if a more comprehensive approach should be taken to the project, because building a foundation would be costly.  Murray suggested that the plans be reviewed by the school board’s building and grounds Committee.

School Board Chairman Daniel Popovici-Muller noted that the work would have to be delayed, anyway, due to the arrival of winter weather.

According to Windham High School Principal Bob Dawson, during the spring, the structures are used mainly for storage.  In the fall, a covered facility is needed for coaches, announcers and timekeepers.

“We can’t get by with a tent,” said School Board Vice-Chairman Rob Breton.  “We need a structure.”

“We have to be financially responsible,” added school board member Dennis Senibaldi; stating that the school district needs both a short- and a long-term plan.  “We need to determine the most effective way to achieve this project,” Senibaldi said.

“It’s time for a master plan for athletic facilities,” Murray commented.