Planning Board Approves New Cumberland Farms Store

July 17, 2015

by Bob Gibbs

Meeting of June 9

The Carlton Oaks Apartments at 332-334 North Broadway was given conditional approval by the Salem Planning Board to place a sign on the side of the road.  Conditions include the form of the sign, the exact location and the removal of the current sign located at the entrance of the property.

Border Brew Supply at 224 North Broadway:  The board approved a conditional addition of 28 seats to the existing microbrewery (20 indoors and eight outdoors).

DHB Site Plan:  Conceptual discussion of 73 units of senior housing located at 74 Lawrence Road.  Plans changed to fewer units, board discussed water runoff issues, placing a sidewalk along Lawrence Road, and placing traffic lights at the intersection of Lawrence Road and Veterans Parkway.

Meeting of June 23

Cumberland Farms Site Plan:  Board gave conditional approval for a 4,700-square-foot convenience store and expansion of gas pumps at 382 South Broadway.  The current Cumberland Farms building will be razed to make room for an entirely redesigned store with additional pumps, an outdoor eating area, a walking path to the bike path in the rear of the building.  Also, the entire property will be built to funnel all water runoff to the rear of the building in order to contain pollutants.

Drive Fitness Site Plan, 23 South Broadway (Coca-Cola plant):  Public hearing for change-of-use.  Board gave conditional approval for an 11,000-square-foot fitness club located at the southwest corner of the building.  Conditions involved signage, driveway, and front façade.

Planning Board Meeting Agenda for July 14

  1. Hyrize Holdings Subdivision – Preliminary hearing for a two-lot subdivision at 331 North Main St., Map 21, Lot 5803.
  2. 10 Braemoor Woods Site Plan – Public hearing for a revised site plan (carport, additional parking) at 10 Braemoor Woods Rd., Map 109, Lot 12265.
  3. Taurus South Broadway Site Plan – Public hearing for expansion of charter school at 419 South Broadway, Map 144, Lot 202.
  4. OMJ Realty Subdivision – Preliminary hearing for two lot subdivision at 11 Central St., Map 98, Lot 12502.
  5. DHB Homes Subdivision – Preliminary hearing for lot line adjustment at 70 and 74A Lawrence Rd., Map 100, Lot 7915.