Phase I Begins for Alvirne’s CTS Project

July 11, 2019


by Len Lathrop

Monday, July 8, hard hats were issued and the CTE project physically started.  This first phase is called mobilization and it is mostly site work but if Monday’s actions were any indication of how fast changes could be seen, it will be real soon, keep watching as you drive by.  The milking parlor section of the barn complex has been roofed, not part of the CTE project but nice to see things moving ahead.

The trees removed Monday were to make space for parking during construction and to mitigate the small brook that flows from the tree forest under Route 102, clearing surfaces next to the greenhouse and feeding the small man-made pond in the courtyard outside the current CTE center entrance.  With EPA and DES approval that pond will be relocated behind the present tennis courts.  Most did not know that the brook flowed underground through the site.  When the new building is completed the small brook will be under parking lots and driveways until it opens out into the new catch basin and then drains down through the woods.

Monday the machine onsite held the tree/trees upright, sawed them off at the base, and laid them down in a pile to be chipped on Tuesday into a trailer truck and hauled away.  The operator estimated its replacement cost is about $350,000 and it weighed about 14,000 pounds.

While this is just the start, citizens should be aware that the roadway around the back of the high school next to the track will be closed except for construction trucks and emergency vehicles.  All public access to the school will be the current parking lot entrance on the south side of the school next to the academic wing and the Steckevicz gymnasium entrance — when school reopens buses will be coming in and leaving from the library service road.  The diagram is the initial plan and as the site work continues this summer we will keep you updated when and how things change.

While site work is happening and roofs on the barns are being replaced, inside the school nine classrooms in the history and social science area are being renovated with new ceilings and LED lighting, new tile floors and fresh paint on the walls; this part of the renewal project is in its sixth year in the academic wing. Also being rebuilt this summer are two science laboratories, everything new from floor to ceilings.  The manpower for these changes is mostly from the school janitorial crew with some per-hour demolition support.  This is funded through the budget process.

This week was just the start…watch for many more changes throughout this summer and the next school year.