Pelham’s New Engine 4 Ready to Roll

August 7, 2015

submitted by Marina White

The Pelham Fire Department works hard to keep citizens safe, and lately they’ve made some pretty big changes to accommodate for the town’s needs.  The newest fire truck, Engine 4, is a very impressive addition to their collection.

Purchased to replace a 24-year-old truck, it is equipped to fight fires, respond to motor vehicle crashes, hazardous materials incidents, and emergency calls – most of which its trucks can’t usually do.

Lieutenant Ignatowicz said that because of Engine 4’s size of about 34 1/2 feet, making it a couple inches longer than Pelham’s former longest one, it took about three years to plan and design and another two to three months to build.  The new engine is going to serve as a rescue vehicle as well as an emergency responder. On August 2, Engine 4 and crew went out on their first call and have answered several more this week.

The Pelham Fire Department had high standards when looking for this truck.  Originally, Pelham was working with about six to eight companies but they ended up bidding among three, whose prices ranged from approximately $560,000 to $610,000.  Pelham’s Fire Department settled on a price in the middle at $584,000 plus the cost for equipment.  Ignatowicz believed that even though they didn’t choose the lowest bidder, they chose who they believed offered them the most well-suited truck to the town.  “The town is not held to the ‘low bidder’ in many circumstances, so it helps us choose the best product for the town as well as keeps the manufacturers honest,” Ignatowicz also said.  Pelham took out a five- to 10-year lease and is paying for the fire truck annually.

The size and capabilities of Engine 4 make the new truck a threat to fires.  The department is thrilled to have the space for equipment and utilities as well as for quick access to it in case of emergency calls.  Pelham residents can be sure that they are safe as long as the Pelham Fire Department keeps their trucks, especially Engine 4, up and running.