Pelham Transfer Station Adopts New Traffic Flow Pattern

October 4, 2013

by Karen Pumley

The Pelham Transfer Station has recently undergone a change in its traffic pattern for the trash dumping side of the complex only.  The new traffic plan requires visitors to back up to the windows at the compactor building instead of pulling up alongside it.  According to Station Director Stanley Walczka, the new pattern will lessen the possibility of traffic confusion and accidents, as well as speed up the process during the peak hours of operation.  Walczka also stated that their busiest day is Saturday where as many as 1,500 cars will be seen throughout the day.  Other busy times occur on Tuesday from 9-10 a.m. and Wednesday through Friday at 4-6 p.m.

“The process of backing into a spot in front of a window will eliminate people having to carry their trash across moving traffic,” said Walczka.  It will also provide the ability to use an additional four windows for dumping (now they are only utilizing three).  The station has installed a new conveyor system as well that will move trash from each of the windows and automatically load it into the compactor.  “With the conveyor belt running it will free up some of our employees so that they can spend more time helping residents with heavy materials and any questions they might have,” Walczka explained.

There’s good news for residents with three trash bags or less – they can now use a well-marked express lane that doesn’t require backing up.  Two pass-through lanes are reserved for those with no garbage to dump.  Each of these special lanes is marked with painted words/arrows or a sign, and in some cases both.

The new traffic flow will officially begin for all residents on Tuesday, October 8, although the conveyor and painted lane lines are already in place.  For more information, contact the Pelham Transfer Station and Recycling Complex at 635-3964.