One of Litchfield’s Best Given a Day to Shine

March 13, 2015

by Len Lathrop

Linda Peoples had spent the day in the center of New Hampshire being honored as one of WZID’s top 20 women of 2015.  Her daughter had submitted her name and WZID had chosen her.

Well, in Litchfield, that just was not just enough.  Friends and family had been summoned by the Litchfield Lions Club and the Litchfield Community Presbyterian Church to honor Linda with dinner.  Everyone was arriving ,the church hall was decorated and along the wall was an array of food.  A quick count saw 10 crock pots, finger sandwiches and, of course, chicken fingers from the Puritan Back Room in Manchester, which Matt McQuesten proclaimed to be Linda’s favorite food.  Bean dishes, both brown and green, and many different types of cheeses also were offered.

As Chrissie McQuesten explained, Linda does as much for the town with coordinating the Angel Tree at the Christmas holidays to being a deacon at the church, to holding many different positions with the Lions Club of Litchfield and running the community food pantry.  This award had to be celebrated for their dear friend.

Did you see the cake with the picture of Linda and her daughter on it?