November was ‘Grow A Beard’ for a Good Cause at the Pelham Police

December 2, 2016

by Len Lathrop

For the fourth November the officers of the Pelham Police Department have grown beards, not because they were cold, or wanted to look stylish, but to raise some money for several causes that need their support.  This year the total of $1,585 would be going to the Child Advocacy Center of Hillsborough County, a program of the Granite State Children’s Alliance.  The Hillsborough program has two centers serving the county, one in Nashua and another in Manchester.  Both centers are accredited by the National Children’s Alliance.

New Hampshire’s Child Advocacy Centers support child victims of physical and sexual abuse, as well as children who witness violent crimes.  The centers support these children in the early stages of criminal investigations by offering forensic interview services and by helping connect them to the important community resources.

To bring awareness to the cause and help increase community support of CACs, Pelham Police Chief Joe Roark authorized department members who have pledged to support the Child Advocacy Center of Hillsborough County to grow beards, mustaches or goatees during the month of November.

This is the fourth year that Pelham Police have grown facial hair for different causes, the first year it was for the Pelham Good Neighbor Fund.  Year two the money went to the Pelham Community Drug Coalition, and last year they supported the needs of a fellow officer and his family as he battled cancer.

While the timeframe this year was shortened by a few day, on Saturday, some of the officers involved were at Scissors Palace on Route 38 where owner Alex Prudhomme, a master barber, got everyone back to being clean shaven and treated each officer to a straight-edge shave.

Taking their turns in the historic 1942 barber chair at Scissors Palace were Sgt. Matthew Keenliside, MPO David DeRoche, MPO Ryan Donovan, MPO James Locke and Ptl. Jamie Huertas.

While most of the funds raised came from the officers, they wanted everyone to know that they are proud to support the great work of the CAC of Hillsborough County, and want to thank anyone who supported them in their efforts.