North Salem Daddy Daughter Dance

The dance floor was alive with the dancing of the elementary school students.


Aaron Stetson holds Emily tight as they take to the dance floor for the first dance of the night at North Salem Elementary School’s Daddy Daughter Dance

Jamie Santos has a double date, with daughters Dakota (fourth grade) and Shayne (second grade)

Little Mia stretches on the toes of her Cinderella shoes, while dancing atop her dad’s, Bruce Wheeler’s special dancing shoes.

Video from the event


by Doug Robinson

The gymnasium at Salem North’s Elementary School was festively decorated with school color balloons, raffles, and the sound of exciting music could be heard.  The little princesses, complete with corsages and pretty dresses, accompanied their decked out dads, grandfather, or friend as they enjoyed a date night dancing.

The second annual Daddy Daughter Dance offers the Cinderellas the opportunity for a one-on-one relationship, hugging, laughing, and having fun with their dad.  While some daughters grouped with their friends, others were wrapped in their dad’s arms either slow dancing, or performing the dance, “The Twist.”

For the entire group of 141 elementary students who attended, the Daddy Daughter Dance was a date night of memories for to be shared and remembered by all.