New Squad Truck to be Placed in Service

January 30, 2015

submitted by David S. Morin, HFD Public Information Liaison

This week the Hudson Fire Department took delivery of its first squad vehicle.  This vehicle was built on a Ford 500 chassis by the Alexis Fire Apparatus Corporation in Alexis, Ill.  The purchase of this vehicle was approved by the voters during the 2014 fiscal year budget for a total cost of $178,000; alternatively the cost of a new pumper would have been approximately $400,000.

The purchase and operating cost for the life of the squad is estimated to save a total of $218,000 from the cost of operating a conventional fire response vehicle.  Maintenance cost will also be much lower as an oil change for the squad vehicle is in the $200 range whereas an oil change for a conventional fire response vehicle is $727.

The body of the vehicle will be placed on a new chassis every three years with the body itself replaced every five years saving a considerable amount of funds in apparatus replacement costs.

Squad 1 will be a very versatile vehicle and serve many purposes all the while saving taxpayers money.  This truck will allow quicker response times and cut down on the wear on the larger engine companies by keeping those engines available for larger scale calls.  The squad will also respond town wide on motor vehicle accident and certain medical responses as the department rescue vehicle.

Equipped with a water tank and pump, the truck will respond to motor vehicle fires, brush fires and dumpster fires.  The squad is also outfitted to respond to hazardous material incidents, technical rescues, service calls and community event standby.

With an expected in-service date of Feb. 1, firefighters have been working hard to place equipment on the truck and have it ready to respond to the residents’ calls for service.

Squad 1 will be on display at the Town Deliberative Session on Jan. 31.  Town residents are encouraged to have a look at the new truck and ask the firefighters any questions they may have.