New Security System Installed at High School

by Kara Thomas, Salem High School Intern
On Tuesday May 21, Salem High School installed a new security system at the main entrance. , students and visitors must ring in to enter the building starting at 7:30 am. The students show their I.D. and buzz into the secretaries office explain why they are coming in late to school. Students who come in after school hours begin due to internships will not have to show their student IDs, as secretaries will know who they are.
Staff have a wand that they wave to get in past the security system. This system has already been installed in three of the elementary schools. According to Principal Collyer, it has been harder to adopt these security systems at the High School because the students have more varied schedules than elementary and middle school children.
After the events at Newtown, CT, the school district started evaluating the security at Salem High.
“We started to evaluate the protocols and procedures around us and started questioning what we would do in a situation like that,” Salem High principal, Tracy Collyer said.
The school board had a discussion on the improvement of security and gave a list of some suggestions to the Superintendent.
“In the end after those discussions with principals, we decided to put a couple of things into place. We have police radios that make us in a more direct communication with the Salem Police Department. Panic buttons have been installed in more important locations throughout the school,” Collyer said.
The focus of this new security system is to lock down the building during the school day and unlock it at 2:10 when school is over. This makes the staff more aware of who enters and leaves at all times.
“If there is a visitor coming in, we asked the staff to notify Mrs. Rosentrator at the front window beforehand. They will still need an I.D, but at least we expect someone coming. If someone shows up unannounced they still have to show their I.D., and have to contact the classroom they are going too. Also, we asked teachers that no past students show up until after 2:10,” Collyer said.
This system is new for everybody and it will take patience to use it. In the end, it is just helping to keep the school more secure.