New Security Procedures for Alvirne High School

August 30, 2013
Submitted by Steve Beals, Alvirne Principal, Hudson

As school opens next week, the high school is implementing new security procedures aimed at securing exterior doors, monitoring exterior entrances and the parking lots via videotape and enhancing sign in procedures for parents and visitors.

It is our hope that the Hudson community will embrace this enhancement, even if it causes a little added inconvenience to help ensure the safety of our students.  The building will have two entrance areas.  The main entrance will be the doors facing the large parking lot area labeled Steckevicz Gymnasium entrance.  That entrance will have a new set of inner security doors as well as a communication window to a security monitor desk area.  The second entrance area will be on the backside of the CTE building past the tennis courts.  That door area will also be secured but will operate with a remote video, intercom and buzzer system.

Our school relies on community visitors to provide instructional support for students in many of our CTE programs, including the bank, restaurant and flower shop.  Please keep coming and supporting these student run businesses.

Our preferred entrance area is the Steckevicz Gymnasium area.  As we implement this change, we ask for your patience and welcome your feedback.  Please feel free to email at