New Hudson Fire Station is on Schedule and on Budget

March 2, 2018


by David S. Morin

Work continues on schedule for the new fire station being constructed at 204 Lowell Road. Over the past few months, construction crews from the general contractor Structure Tone have completed the exterior of the building and, within the next week, interior walls will be built in the concrete floors poured. With the progress being made Fire Chief Robert Buxton said the project is on schedule and on budget.

The $2.1 million project approved by voters last year will replace the existing Burns Hill Road Fire Station, which the department has outgrown. It is projected the new station will be turned over to the town of Hudson sometime in July.

During a recent tour of the facility Chief Buxton highlighted many areas within the construction. One of the main concerns with the project was how the station would fit into its surroundings, as this building will be one of the first seen by visiting motorists and residents coming into town on Lowell Road. The exterior was designed to blend in with the neighboring buildings in color and appearance.

Additional care was taken not to affect neighboring residents to the rear of the building and to the nursing home across the street. The chief said the department will be a neighbor.

In the interior of the station the apparatus floor walls have been designed to eliminate any damage especially due to water. The foundation of the building was extended three feet higher above the floor, and the walls that will sit on the foundation will have a covering of waterproof wallboard to eliminate the chance of water damage. Any area of the building that could be affected by water will be concrete block and cement. To reduce maintenance costs, the floors will be a polished concrete, and commercial-grade appliances will be used within the facility.

Firefighter safety was a great concern for the chief and the building designers. Ever-increasing rates of cancer are being found in the ranks of firefighters across the country. Incorporated into the new station are several elements to reduce the risk. A decontamination room will be located directly off the apparatus floor where firefighters, as soon as they enter the station, can remove contaminated firefighting gear and medical equipment into a safe area. A decontamination shower is also located in this room for firefighters to shower to remove all contaminants before crews would enter the living space. A doorway from the decontamination room will lead into the gear storage room. This design was made to ensure that at no time any fire gear or other equipment enters the living space of the building.

All mechanical and electrical rooms will be located off the apparatus bays. The apparatus bays have been constructed for the possibility of housing larger fire apparatus at the station, if the need arises.

The Lowell Road side of the structure will house kitchen facilities, day room, and a dedicated fitness room. The center core of the structure will be comprised of the main entrance and lobby area, offices and bathroom facilities with the rear of the building being the dormitory area.

The new station will be dedicated to Hudson firefighter James A. Taylor who died in the line of duty on July 27, 1981, when the tanker he was riding in was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Wason Road.

Chief Buxton said plans are being worked on to open the station to town residents to tour the building once construction has been completed. A dedication ceremony will be held sometime during the summer or early fall.