New Greeley Singers

January 17, 2014

by AJ Dickinson

In 1886, a man named David Alonzo Greeley would routinely gather musicians and music lovers from Pelham and other nearby communities to partake in a full day of fellowship and performances.  Fast-forwarding now to 1996, the Town of Pelham, while celebrating its 250th anniversary, sought to recognize this man and his traditions of singing as a community group.  On April 13 and 14, 1996 the Pelham Sing Chorus dedicated its concert at the Memorial School to Greeley.  Since then, the community chorus continues to honor and commemorate Greeley’s devotion to music by changing their name to “The New Greeley Singers.”

On Sunday, January 12, The New Greeley Singers proceeded to hold their annual holiday concert after it had previously been postponed due to snow.  The hour-long performance showcased not only choral works by The New Greeley Singers but also works by the Merrimack Valley Flute Choir.  During the show, audience members were encouraged to sing along with the choir, soon enough everybody who was in the First Congregational Church had burst out in song.  The New Greeley Singers perform two shows a year on top of their well-known cabaret that will be held at the town hall on March 22.  For information regarding membership and upcoming events visit their website at