National Guard Member and Family Receive First Tree of Season

November 22, 2013

by AJ Dickinson

Litchfield residents gathered at Noel’s Tree Farm Friday, November 15, for the ceremonial “first tree cutting of the season.”  Noel’s supports and donates to the national organization, “Trees For Troops”, every year.  However, this year’s tree donation hits a little closer to home.  Litchfield resident, Specialist Jones of the Army National Guard, and his family will be receiving the ceremonial first tree of the season, and who better to help him cut it down than the Governor of New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan?

When asked how it felt to give Specialist Jones and his family that tree, the Governor responded, “It is an amazing feeling.  Our men and woman in the military do so much for all of us … so don’t their families.  Families rarely raise their hands to volunteer but their sacrifices are significant and it’s really great to see that this tree is going to Specialist Jones’s home with his family.  It’s also just a really great day to remind people that the Christmas tree industry is a big part of our agricultural sector in New Hampshire, and New Hampshire is a great place for people to visit to cut down their trees.  People from all over New England can come here.  Farms like Noel’s, here in Litchfield, have great things for the kids to do while you’re coming to cut down your tree, so you can really make it a family affair and a whole day event”.  Specialist Jones, who was a little nervous about meeting the governor for the first time, stated that the event was “a really cool experience.”

All who attended enjoyed coffee and refreshments by an open fire as they got the chance to talk to Governor Hassan.