Mother Earth Earns High Marks from PMA Students at Nature’s Classroom

October 28, 2016


Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

submitted by Presentation of Mary Academy, Hudson

The Presentation of Mary Academy gives its fifth grade students the opportunity to attend Nature’s Classroom.  This year, the reputation of having a blast while learning many new things proved true.  Nature’s Classroom offers a unique educational experience to students and their teachers.  The common goals that are integrated throughout the experience are for the student to improve their self-concept, to work together with others and recognize that the community is comprised of individuals with their own individual needs and uniqueness.

Mrs. Toohey’s, Mrs. King’s and Mr. Desaulniers’ classes loaded up on the buses and headed out for an adventure!  The teachers shared pictures with the PMA community showing the students attending many field groups.  They built rockets, dissected sharks and pigs and had night hikes.  Students were asked to rank the experience on a scale of one to 10.  All gave it a 10 or higher!