Minute to Win It Games Provide Thrills at the Hudson Rec

August 15, 2014

by Tom Tollefson

On Monday, August 11, children in the Hudson Recreation Department’s summer program enjoyed playing Minute to Win It games at the Hudson Community Center.  Seven tables lined the inside of the building.  Each one had its own unique game, all with its own special challenge to be completed within 60 seconds in order to win.

The most popular games were throwing a half-filled water bottle on a table and trying to land it right side up, balancing five apples on top of each other, and balancing six dominoes on a Popsicle stick by holding it in your mouth.

Despite the level of difficulty for each game, many of the children were able to complete the task in under a minute.  Summer Counselor Deb Smith described the apple stacking as the “hardest one” she’d ever seen.

“When I was in line I saw the other kids stacking them (the apples) on top of each other right side up so I decided to try something different,” Alexia Liakas, 10, said about her strategy of stacking up five apples by alternating them right side up and upside down as she balanced them.

Jaiden Rogers, 9, found success and a sense of self-confidence by completing three of the games in the required time.

“It’s fun and it makes me confident winning these games,” Jaiden said.

Laiza Eugenio, 11, also had success at the games.  She won four of the games.

“I liked all the games.  Some were a little tricky but if you have confidence you can do it,” she said.

The children received one ticket per game just for trying and multiple tickets if they completed the specific goal in 60 seconds.  The tickets were then used in raffle drawings for various prizes such as a basketball, bubble making gun, bead kit, and a Boston Red Sox T-shirt.

“It was really awesome how you can win prizes and have fun at the same time,” said Corey Cormier, 13.

It was the second time this summer that the summer program put on the Minute to Win It games for the children.  Three years ago, the staff started offering the Minute to Win It games, inspired by the popular television show by the same name, to give the children something new to look forward to at the program.

“It’s something different that we offer and we give a variety of different prizes that the kids really seemed to enjoy.  One kid won a Red Sox shirt and he said he would wear it to our upcoming Red Sox game trip,” said Hudson Recreation Summer Program Director Frank Girginis.