Military Mom Surprises her Children with School Visit

November 29, 2013

by Marc Ayotte

Two Hudson school children had a wonderful, day-ending surprise in their classrooms on Wednesday, November 20 when they received an unexpected visitor just in time for Thanksgiving.  Melissa Small, who is a Technical Sergeant E-6 in the U.S. Air Force, sprung the surprise on her son Alexander and daughter Taylor when she visited them upon her return from a two month long training stint with the reserves at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina.

With original plans of greeting her children at the bus stop, Mrs. Small, accompanied by her husband Andrew, expedited the rendezvous by first appearing at the H. O. Smith School in Hudson where she found her son Alexander partaking in late afternoon activities in Mrs. Albert’s first-grade classroom.  After a brief get-together, the newly reunited trio traveled just a few yards down the street to complete the familial encounter.  At the Library Street School, Melissa this time surprised her daughter who was closing out her day in kindergarten.

Sergeant Small is a 10 year veteran of the reserves, stationed out of Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee, Massachusetts, attended the training program as part of her Chaplin assistant position.  As part of her role, Small indicated, “we support the airmen that are doing the missions.”  Her last extended training mission was four years ago when she went for medical training at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas.  During this most recent hiatus from her family, Sergeant Small did say she was able to stay in touch with her family via Skype.

While at the training session at Fort Jackson, Small received the Leadership Award; voted on by fellow classmates as well as staff members.  The award was in recognition of her outstanding display of great leadership skills.