Mercury Systems, Advanced Microelectronics Center, a Very Unique Asset for Hudson

April 25, 2014

by Len Lathrop

Governor Maggie Hassan participated in the ribbon cutting at Mercury Systems’ new Advanced Microelectronics Center Ribbon Cutting, highlighting how innovative, job-creating businesses like Mercury Systems are moving New Hampshire’s economy forward.  The opening of this new facility signifies Mercury’s investment to the future of innovation throughout the state.

The new AMC facility will expand the breadth of engineers working in a cutting-edge facility on world-class sensors and platforms.  With the launch, Mercury will now be able to support the growth trajectory of military defense innovation by offering a streamlined supply-chain from design to production.

In his welcoming remarks, Mark Aslett, President and CEO of Mercury Systems, explained why this new site on Lowell Road is so important.  He stated very simply, “this facility is a very unique asset.  It is where we will design, develop, manufacture and test – RF Microwave, and other advanced microelectronics products and sub systems.  These advanced technologies go into key military platforms that our customers develop which, in turn, play a part in key DoD missions.”

Mercury Systems is actually headquartered just south of Hudson in Chelmsford, MA.  The Hudson AMC represents one of the crown jewels of Mercury, there are 160 highly skilled technical, engineering, and support staff.  Aslett pointed out that “Mercury could have located this facility anywhere, but choose Hudson because it makes good business sense and it represents our commitment to the local economy, with a skilled and committed workforce and a terrific quality of life.”

Prior to cutting the ribbon with President Aslett, NH Governor Hassan spoke to those gathered, mentioning how exciting it was to see a facility such as this AMC division of Mercury System in New Hampshire and it was made possible by the tremendous work force that new Hampshire has.  How the citizen and businesses of NH can grow and innovate how everyone can roll up their sleeves and solve problems.  She mentioned the current 4.2 unemployment rate and looking at the workforce she could see.

Following the Ribbon cutting and a brief media presentation, the new facility was toured.