Memories Made at WHS Junior-Senior Prom

May 23, 2014

by Jillian DiPersio, Windham High School Intern

On Saturday, May 17 the Danversport Yacht Club hosted our 2014 Windham High School Junior-Senior prom.  After hours of what was for some of us painstaking preparation and hundreds of pictures taken at friends’ houses, all the students attending the event headed to the high school for the first annual mandatory grand march.

Parents lined the walkway to the school, cameras poised and ready, as the students, decked out in floor-length gowns and tuxedos, walked down the red carpet and boarded the buses destined for Danvers, Mass.  “I was so impressed with the grand march,” said WHS guidance counselor Julie Lichtmann.  “We had so many community members that were here, the parents loved seeing all the kids dressed up and it looked like the kids had a ball at the prom.”

As the venue was approximately 45 minutes from the high school, taking the bus was mandatory for all students in attendance.  Despite the fact that at first many students were upset that they could not drive themselves or rent a limo, the bus ride was almost an added bonus, giving students more time to chat with friends.  “I liked the bus ride because I got to talk with my friends and just sit for a while and have fun without the hassle of driving somewhere,” says WHS junior Brynn Roche.  It was also a time to see a different side of our favorite teachers, as Mrs. Mary Anderson, dean of Mathematics at WHS, squished onto the seats with us to take a quick snapshot.  She says “taking all the selfies on the bus” was one of her favorite parts of the night, second to the grand march.

The venue, the Danversport Yacht Club, was breathtaking.  With an enormous chandelier hanging from the ceiling over the dance floor and a deck that overlooked the harbor outside, students had two beautiful options of where to spend the evening.  Despite the fact that it was so far away, the venue was a hit with the students.  Junior Sophia Tausanovitch says that despite the distance she liked that she “got to look over the water and everything.  It was pretty cool.”  The building was alive with activity that night, a wedding even taking place just below the deck.  Students cheered as the bride and groom kissed.

We had all been holding our breath, as the weather forecast at first seemed bleak with a 100 percent chance of rain.  The hot topic for the week at school had been “What will the weather be like for the prom?”  When heavy rain came in the morning we thought for sure it would be a washout, but no sooner did the clock strike 9 a.m. than the rain stopped and the sun began peeking out little by little.  By the time we reached the venue there was not a cloud in the sky.

The deck was therefore a favorite spot and refuge for many students from the loud music and crowded dance floor as we gathered over the harbor to watch the sunset after eating a buffet-style dinner.  “It was very nice to go out on the upper deck.  A nice breeze, the sunset, and later you could see the stars,” said WHS senior Joey Zannoni.  Students floated between the dance floor and the deck intermittently throughout the night, going back in to enjoy an ice cream sundae and hear the much-awaited announcement of prom prince, princess, king, and queen.

Anastasia Dulskiy and Anthony Gallo, two juniors at WHS, were named prom prince and princess by majority vote.  Likewise, Tyler Masone and Alexandra Aleksa, WHS seniors, were named prom king and queen.  The king and queen set the trend as a slow song started, and, within a matter of about 30 seconds, the dance floor was crowded with couples.  The dance floor was packed the rest of the night, and though senior Jackie Hoenisch says that she “had the best time” dancing the night away, she says the music left something to be desired because “I miss the middle school classics: Cotton Eye Joe, YMCA, Thriller, and all that.”

Eleven o’clock came around and it was time to start boarding the buses and head back to the high school.  With weather beyond compare, a beautiful venue, and close friends coming together to celebrate a year of hard work, the prom signaled a fantastic beginning of the end of the school year.  “I thought it was great.  I loved the place, I loved everything about it,” said WHS junior Connor Garside.  From the students, a huge thank you to those students who helped plan the prom and the staff who chaperoned and worked to make the prom possible.  Memories such as these are the ones we will look back upon in fondness years from now when we remember our time at WHS.