Memorial Bench to Honor Fallen Pelham Veterans

August 26, 2016


Memorial Bench rendering

Memorial Bench rendering

submitted by Jörg Dreusicke, John H. Hargreaves Memorial VFS Post 10722

The comrades of the Pelham VFW Post 10722 are asking for your help in honoring the soldiers from Pelham that lost their lives to protect our country and way of life in the many past conflicts and wars.

The Pelham VFW is erecting a polished black granite bench outside the entrance of the Pelham Town Hall to honor those fallen Pelham veterans.  The names of our fallen comrades will be engraved on this bench as a memorial to their ultimate sacrifice.

Very few residents of Pelham are aware of how many of our citizens served and died in battle, from the American Revolution to our current conflicts in all parts of the world.  They died safeguarding the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy today.  This bench will serve as a memorial, a means to inform the public, and a place to rest.

I would like to offer your business the opportunity to contribute to this worthy memorial.  The estimated cost of the memorial bench, with the engraving and its concrete pad will be in excess of $4,000.

Your contribution will be recognized with a letter of thanks for your donation and a framed certificate of appreciation from the John H. Hargreaves Memorial Post 10722 and Auxiliary Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Pelham.  We are a 501(c)(19) organization and your donation should be IRS tax deductible.

Please make your contribution out to Pelham Post 10722 VFW earmark it for “KIA Bench” and send it to our address:  John H. Hargreaves Memorial Post 10722, Veterans of Foreign Wars, 6 Main St., Pelham, NH 03076.

Our projected date of completion and dedication will be on the Pelham Old Home Day Celebration Saturday, Sept. 17.  We appreciate your tax deductible donation.


Pelham KIA Bench Memorial


French & Indian War

Simon Beard:  NH Militia, May 1754 to February 1763

Joseph Gage:  NH Militia, May 1754 to February 1763

Thomas Gage:  NH Militia, May 1754 to February 1763

Ezra Litttlehail:  NH Militia, May 1754 to February 1763

John Weber:  NH Militia, May 1754 to February 1763

Jonathan Wright:  NH Militia, May 1754 to February 1763

Edward Wyman:  NH Militia, May 1754 to February 1763

Simon Wyman:  NH Militia, May 1754 to February 1763

Revolutionary War

Daniel Gage:  NH Militia, Nov. 17, 1761

Civil War

John Freeland:  NH 17th Inf., Nov. 22, 1862

Isaac H. Daniels:  NH 13th Inf., Jan. 16, 1863

William H. Gage:  NH 13th Inf., July 1, 1863

Patrick Coane:  NH 12th Inf., Feb. 8, 1865

World War II

Raymond Jurewicz:  US AAF, Aug. 25, 1942

Elmer G. Raymond Jr.:  US AAF, April 23, 1943

Donald r. Bagley:  US Navy Res., Sept. 13, 1944

Charles E. Pariseau, Jr.:  US Navy, Nov. 1, 1944


Edward G. Kiluk, Jr.:  US Army, Jul y24, 1970

Barry W. Godfrey:  US Army, Aug. 25, 1970


Sheldon J. Burnett:  US Army, May 7, 1971


Daniel R. Gionet:  US Army, June 4, 2006