Mandatory Water Restrictions Effective Oct. 7 for Pelham Residences

October 7, 2016



submitted by the Town of Pelham

As result of the severe drought conditions that the town is experiencing and the recent recommendation from the State of New Hampshire, the board of selectmen has adopted the following water restriction for all Pelham citizens who own a private well or have a water service:

  • No watering of lawns;

In an effort to further our conservation of water, the board recommends that any exterior water use ceases immediately.

Enforcement and penalties shall be carried out by authorized agents of the Town of Pelham and include:

  • First offense – Written warning hand delivered to site of violation;
  • Second offense – $100 fine;
  • Third offense – $500 fine;
  • Subsequent offense – $500 to a $1,000 fine.

The Town of Pelham appreciates your effort and cooperation with these mandatory water restrictions in an effort to sustain our drinking water supply during these dry conditions.

Please follow town announcements closely over the coming months for further guidance and the town website at