Magically it ‘Rained’ at the Alvirne National Honor Society Induction

November 25, 2016


by Len Lathrop

It certainly sounded like falling rain inside the Steckevicz gymnasium on Thursday as 59 students joined the 26 current members.  The ‘rain’ came from noises made by the students as faculty guest speaker Jennifer LaFrance placed her English teacher hat on the podium and became a thespian educator for a moment, showing everyone that rain could arrive and leave as fast as she could move from one side of the audience to the other.

The formal part of the Nov. 17 induction was handled by the officers of the society from a welcome address from President Benjamin Desrochers, who spoke about what Alvirne offers to its students, while other board members focused on the pillars of the National Honor Society.  Jenna Breault spoke of ‘character’ and Emily Lalmond defined the ‘service’ pillar, while ‘leadership’ was addressed by Kylie Marcotte as ‘scholarship’ was outlined by Corinne Prestia.  Each lit a candle to represent the pillar as they finished speaking to their classmates and families.

Before the inductees received their National Honor Society cords that they will wear at their graduation and other society events as well as certificates of the accomplishment of becoming members, Alvirne Principal Steven Beals spoke to the inductees.

Beals outlined how special the 59 students were –each one in his or her unique way.  He must have read and reread all the applications, as he provided details about the number of Alvirne music program members to the number of athletes.  He even went on to give individual details about what an inductee did, such as being a blue shirt specialist at a computer store to being the student representative for the school district who moved the town to support the new Alvirne track.  Then there is the student whose father is active military stationed away from Hudson who has a flock of chickens to tend to (19 is the believed number) and also to help with other siblings before school.  The outstanding work of more than half the students was mentioned.

The students, after hearing their names from Dean of Academics Susan Bureau, had the National Honor Society cord placed around their necks (It should be noted that Principal Beals only kissed one student, that being his daughter Emma) the students had to ring the Alvirne Celebration Bell, and they were warned that if they did not do a great job that Beals would call them out, and he did help a couple of the inductees sound the celebration bell.  Each student received a certificate from Kelly Fontaine, the society adviser, before they formed a circle lit by candles to recite the pledge.

The Alvirne National Honor Society now includes the following members:




Drew Alves

Morgan Atherton

Adam Banatwala

Amber Bardsley

Edward Barry

Emma Beals

Jeremy Bistany

Amanda Blais

Blake Boulia

Hannah Bowen

Isabel Breakey

Hayden Callery

Katherine Callery

Jamie Calvagna

Samantha Chase

Sarah Clement

Taylor Clement

Shane Coughlin

Tyler Daigle

Hannah Davio

James Descoteau

Meredith Gauthier

Georgie Gentile

Kendra Gerace

Morgan Harris

Samantha Harrison

Matthew Hunter

Sungjeminla Imchen

Joseph Infantino

Uzair Khalid

Katyln Kimball

Marine Kovalcin

Connor Lambert

Ashley Larose

Sophia Lee

Cameron Levesque

Jonlyn Lippert

Shaun Lynch

Kyle Mack

Felicia Manzi

Kess Partridge

Parth Patel

Dillon Pinard

Tyler Prather

Cameron Price

Kevin Rancourt

Ryan Ruigrok

Autumn Saab

Shaylyn Saunders

Ava Scott

Cassandra Shelley

Nicholas Spargo

Nikole St. Germain

Haley Summers

Jackson Tarrant

Joshua Trzcienski

Hanna Vaillancourt

Abby Watterson

Amanda Wetmore


National Honor Society Members


Katherine Bellomo

Noah Bellomo

Olivia Bertrand

Olivia Beverlie

Jenna Breault

Grace Carter

Madison Champagne

Jamie DeAngelo

Benjamin Desrochers

Lauren Ferentino

Nathan Gosselin

Laurel Hensch

Lyndsey Hir

Jillian Houle

Emily Lalmond

Kylie Marcotte

Jessica Mauceri

Larissa Puerari

Corinne Prestia

Isabelle Russell

Holly Sanville

Sara Siteman

Keanna Smigliani

Shaye Thyne

Celine Tse

Dagny Wilkins