Litchfield Trunk and Treat: Trunks Full of Halloween Goodies

November 4, 2016

by Len Lathrop

Not telling you that we rounded that magic corner in Litchfield again, but Sunday morning at Talent Hall parking lot something happened.

First one car then another, most were SUVs, tailgates started to rise, moms and dads were busy arranging things from pumpkins and scarecrows to bubble machine and then there was a Litchfield police cruiser.

Was it mentioned that most of the cars were full of small persons, maybe just over 2 feet tall?  Remember small people cry.

Turn around twice.  There was a very large red truck from the Litchfield Fire Department and it makes a lot of noise.  Maybe a couple of more tears, then the firefighters in turnout gear came out of the truck.  More than you would think could fit, not saying like the clown car, and they had candy.  For that matter everyone with a car had candy.

Remember those small people?  They all had costumes; check out the pictures.

This was not an event organized by a group, but for the last three years different people have been the movers and shakers to make it happen.  This year it was Brooke Gray who put it all together.  Thanks for the invite!