Litchfield Lions Club Raises Money the Fun Way

June 14, 2013

by AJ Dickinson

The Litchfield Lions Club hosted their first ever duck race on Saturday June 8 at McQuesten Farm.  The early morning clouds cleared unveiling a beautiful day.  Many families from all over brought their young to not only participate in the first official race, but also enjoy the many other sites and attractions the farm had to offer.  Of the many things to do such as the “water gun” game or the “bean-bag toss” (through a wooden duck) the children seem most attracted to the variety of live animals, including goats, chickens, and even animals as exotic as the Peacock.

At 3 p.m. the ducks were released into the small creek next to McQuesten’s Farm.  Although the wind was working against them the few volunteers with rakes eventually sent the hundreds of yellow ducks floating down stream.  Simultaneously people cheered as real live ducks pushed their fake counterparts towards the finish line.

After talking with friends from the Meredith Lions Club, Christie McQuesten, president of the Litchfield Lions Club thought it would be a great fun way to raise money to help locals in need here in Litchfield.  Christie stated,  “The Lions Club motto is “We serve,” and that’s an international motto, that is what we do.  You come to us with a need and we will do what we can to help you with that.”  When asked how raising money (100% of which will go directly towards helping people in her community) made her feel the Lions Club President replied, “It gives me goose bumps.  It’s just amazing and until you do it and see the reaction on somebody face that you have done something amazing for, like buy eye glasses for somebody who doesn’t see, we just did that for two kids at Campbell High School.  How can you describe the gift of sight?”

What most people don’t know is that the Lions are the largest service organization in the world and it is regular everyday people like Christie McQuesten that make the largest impact.  To people like her the question isn’t should money be raised but rather, how and how soon can the money be raised.  She put her heart and soul into this fundraiser and tears clouded her eyes as she said, “I’m just super thankful that I can do things for other people, that I can help other people.”