Litchfield Community Church Celebrates Homecoming Sunday

September 25, 2015


by Doug Robinson

The ringing of the tower bell bounced off the Merrimack River announcing the welcome call of the Litchfield Community Church.  Since the first meetinghouse in 1736, which served as both a town hall and a church until 1844, the Community Church has been true to its 1734 charter whereby “the town must settle a minister and build a meeting house.”

And that meetinghouse has been the home to many residents, townspeople and those who wished to practice their faith.  Behind the church rests the founders of both Litchfield and of those who built the church, and practiced their faith, at their Litchfield Community Church home.

At the homecoming church service, the church pews overflowed with past, present, and new faces.  The homecoming service included the presentation of pins to seven members who have served the church for 25 years.

During the Hymn, “God of the Ages,” Ryan Blow accompanied the choir with this trumpet, filling the sanctuary with the sounds much like those of angels with trumpets.

“Homecoming is a reunion” said Rev. Dr. Lori Wiley.  She continued to reminisce about the pews of the church and she encouraged those present to look around” and “remember how you shared your lives” with those who are no longer with us.  Remember the life events of those who once sat in the pews next to you and who are now gone.”

Dr. Wiley’s sermon focused on the fact that we are all “living historians to God’s faith.  Homecoming is to honor those who have built on the past as we move to the future.”

The homecoming celebration was capped off with a picnic fit for a king.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, multiple salad choices, watermelon, and various chocolate delights for dessert.