Litchfield Bunny Breakfast

April 14, 2017


by Len Lathrop

The Litchfield Memorial School cafeteria was bustling with small people dressed in their Easter finest.  While moms and dads had to cut the pancakes for their children most knew how to dip the piece of pancake in the maple syrup cup.

Members of the Litchfield Women’s Club could not figure out how many years they celebrated with the bunny, but based on their children’s ages when they first started having breakfast with the bunny was maybe 28 years ago; some were thinking 23 but generally the consensus was the 28 number was the closest.  It was mentioned by a young mother who remembered being there when she was small.  The conversation turned to how great it was to have traditions and how nice it was being able to keep it continuing in Litchfield, and a big thank you to the Litchfield Women’s Club for keeping the Bunny Breakfast a special morning in Litchfield.

April 2017 found the cafeteria having crafts to make and take home and the games from putting a colorful golf ball in a net to choosing a prize from a large pail of faux grass and then there was shooting the stuffed rabbit through the basketball hoop.  The best part of the games is that whether you completed the game or not you got a prize that the youngster could choose themselves.

If you had finished your breakfast you could sit on the stage and listen to stories about the Easter Bunny, while you waited for the bunny himself to arrive.  Come to think about it, there did not seem to be any rules that you had to finish your pancakes.