Lights and Sirens Announce the Parade

October 14, 2016


by David S. Morin

What may have sounded like a major disaster in progress in Litchfield on Friday night was only the town’s firefighters announcing the start of Fire Prevention Week.  For over 20 years, Litchfield firefighters have kicked off this week with a parade of fire apparatus making their way through town.  Firefighters and apparatus from Candia, Auburn, Amherst, Merrimack along with privately owned trucks joined in the procession.

The Griffin Memorial School served as the staging area for the parade, and firefighters provided tours of the trucks, showing off their equipment to the spectators.  Just as the sun was setting the event kicked off.

At the intersection of Albuquerque Avenue and Talent Road a group of residents gathered to watch the parade pass by.  Off in the distance the sirens could be heard, and, in a short time, down Talent Road the flashing of the red lights was seen, met with excitement from the children, many of whom were wearing firefighter helmets.

The parade continued north where the streets had many residents in the front of their homes to greet the firefighters.  Some who could not be roadside flashed their porch lights in recognition.  The parade route passes by nearly every Litchfield neighborhood then returns to the fire station.

Litchfield firefighters thank the surrounding departments for their participation helping them highlight fire safety.