Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals

August 21, 2015


by Doug Robinson

Each year the Hudson Old Home Days’ Committee spends thousands of dollars for companies to light up the Saturday night sky with their annual fireworks show.  This year’s show was performed by RS Fireworks of Londonderry.

Owners Shawn Connors and Rob Lavoie have spent years studying and learning the fireworks trade.  While Connors served a tour in Iraq, Lavoie “continued to run his family business and did research on class B fireworks,” according to refireworks.net.  In addition (Rob) joined groups such as Pyrotechnics Guild International and the NH Pyrotechnic Association.”

When Connors returned home from Iraq “with a medical discharge and a purple heart,” the two men continued their training and research as they decided what type of show they wished to perform.  “We want to bring to fireworks, the same excitement that Ben and Jerry’s brings to ice cream,” explained Lavoie and Connors.

The Old Home Days’ fireworks consisted of more than 400 “shells” which filled with as many explosives.  The fuses allowed those who lit the fuse only four seconds to move out of the way, while the fireworks shot out of the long metal tube.  The finale of the show consisted of 400 more shells that were specifically dedicated to the final flurry of explosions and fanfare.

Before the show starts, Hudson Fire inspectors double check the connections, primers, and assembly of the mortar shells to not only protect the fireworks’ employees from possible death, but to also protect those attending the carnival and the corn fields from being injured.

HPD Inspector Joseph Triolo commented, “The Town of Hudson has an ordinance prohibiting the use of fireworks.  Every year we receive emergency calls for those who not follow that ordinance and receive an injury from their improper use of fireworks.  Even at Old Home Days, where we have a licensed and insured company which puts on the fireworks display, we need to be very cautious and leave this type of work to the professionals.”