Learning what ‘Veteran’ Means

November 13, 2015


submitted by Presentation of Mary Academy, Hudson

The eighth grade students at the Presentation of Mary Academy invited the veterans from the Hudson VFW to share their stories of their time spent in the Army, Army Air Corp, Navy and Air Force.  Six gentleman joined the students in the auditorium and told them of their times spent and lessons learned.

One theme was consistent among the speakers; the time spent serving their country was the best experience of their lives.  The men all agreed that nothing compares to the bond they made with the other men they served with.  The Hudson veterans voiced to the students that education is the most important thing and respect for authority.

After a very touching presentation, the student leaders, along with Assistant Principal Kate Gaudreau, served the visitors lunch.  Principal Sister Maria Rosa made homemade chicken noodle soup, and sandwiches were purchased from Panera Bread on Spit Brook Road in Nashua.  Gaudreau was asked how the day went.  “This event was wonderful.  The veterans shared their story and made their way around the school shaking hands with students during third lunch.  It was a great way for our students to learn about Veterans Day.  We hope to continue this tradition.”