Late Litchfield Resident’s Halloween ‘Hobby’ Lives On

November 1, 2013


by AJ Dickinson

Since 2007, Litchfield residents have driven past the Mosnicka family home on Hillcrest Road around Halloween time to enjoy the many hand-carved jack-o-lanterns on display in the front yard.  Carving jack-o-lanterns were a hobby of Robin Mosnicka.  Robin was an elementary school teacher, a loving member, and had long reaching ties to the town.  She was an eighth generation resident of Litchfield.

Tragically last April Robin passed away.  To honor her long-standing tradition of creating and displaying the hand-carved pumpkins, various members of the community, friends, neighbors and Girl Scouts showed their respect by bringing their own jack-o-lanterns to add to the collection.

Amy Rossi, a Litchfield resident whose children often enjoyed the Mosnicka’s Halloween themed house held a pumpkin carving event this past weekend to show her support for the family.

A grand total of 327 carved pumpkins now lay on the grounds in front of this family’s beautiful home.  This community, as well as the surrounding communities of Salem and Pelham, has shown so much support for this family that Mark Mosnicka found it hard to find the words to describe his appreciation.  “I don’t know the right words for it but it’s just the most amazing thing,” he said, trying his best to hold back tears.  Mark ended his interview by simply saying, “She was an amazing woman who touched a lot of lives.”

Although Robin Mosnicka is greatly missed, she will never be forgotten as her jack-o-lantern tradition lives on.