K’s Ride For The Cure Raises Hope

July 31, 2015


by Bob Gibbs

For the fifth year in a row the Delaney Family held K’s Ride For The Cure.  The event began at the Salem-Derry Elks club with over 50 motorcycles accompanying 8-year-old Keara Delaney on an open convertible Sunday drive through New Hampshire.  The group was escorted by motorcycle officers from the Salem Police and NH State police departments.

Little Keara was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis in 2007 and has endured many challenges in her very young lifetime.  She currently has multiple tumors in her brain and along her spine.  Most often she needs to wear a mask to prevent her from catching even the mildest of colds.  Her parents need to keep her at home to prevent infections; Keara receives many of her chemo treatments at home due to her having caught infections from going into hospitals for treatments in the past.

Defined in Medical News Today, neurofibromatosis, also known as NF, is a genetically inherited disorder of the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) that mainly affects the development of nerve (neural) cell tissues, causing tumors (neurofibromas) to develop on nerves, and may cause other abnormalities.  The tumors may be harmless, or may compress nerves and other tissues and cause serious damage.  In some rarer cases the tumors may become cancerous.

K’s Ride For The Cure raises money in hopes of treating and curing diseases such as NF.  The ride has become a part of the Salem community since 2011.  It brings riders and non-riders alike from all over the area to help give Keara a day away from medicine and doctors.

At the end of the nearly two-hour ride, the riders formed two lines for Keara to ride between.  With Keara and her mom sitting up on the back of the car the bikers revved their engines.  Keara entered the event, hugging two stuffed animals and wearing a big smile.  Once inside the Elks club yard Keara was greeted by many family and friends.  Then she went off to play with the animals and to ride the ponies.

Many local businesses provided food, drinks, raffle donations and entertainment for the event.  This includes the Tuscan Kitchen, the Weathervane restaurant, Coffee Coffee, Chef Wok, J&B Butcher, Boston Fruit and Produce, Nail Designs by Lisa, Annie Rae’s Photography, A Goodtime DJs’ Kelly Dusharm, ABC Wire Design, Nelson Signs, Laban Creations, Heart of the Dove Healing Carriage Shack Farms and others.  Music was provided by Kevin Elliot, Steve Balsamo, George Williams, Brian Elliot, Chris Little and Anthony Foti.

Some of the donations included a $500 gift certificate to McKinnon’s, which was donated by a member of the Elks club.  Tim and Jan Ronowska 140-pound roasting pig for a roast.  The pig was roasted in a roaster donated by Denis Bovier and Dave Sharp.

The event certainly made one little girl very happy, if only for the day.

For more information or to donate to this cause you can go to the K’s Ride for the Cure website at http://www.ksrideforcure.org.