Jillian DiPersio Takes Home Top Honors as Salem-Derry Elks’ Teenager of the Year

May 22, 2015

by Bob Gibbs

The Salem-Derry Elks held its annual Teenager of the Year Award ceremony at the Hall.  Teenagers from Salem and Windham submitted entries outlining the many accomplishments that they had achieved.  Many of the teenagers spoke of their athletics and school accomplishments, as well as their time spent raising money for charities and performing other selfless acts.

According to Elks spokesman Joseph LaRosa, “It’s never easy.  The nominees are so close.  Sometimes it is a matter of just a half a point in the scoring.”

The winner of the Teen of the Year was awarded a $750 check and the Jr. Teen of the year received $250.

Winners of the Junior Teens of the Year were Katelyn Tetu of Derry and Tyler Glynn of Salem.

Nominees for Teen of the Year from Windham were Cassandra Salafia, Emily Bouley, Jillian DiPersio, Joshua Cafua, Brynn Roche, Zachery Hollins, Emily Hao, Justine Levesque, and Alexandra Connors

The winner of the Teen of the Year from Windham was awarded to Jillian DiPersio, a senior at Windham High School.

Also presented with a gift from the Salem-Derry Elks club were the parents of 7-year-old Connor Mullaly of Windham.  Connor has Muscular Dystrophy.  His parents, John and Kira, as well as Connor, expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Elks.