It’s a Toss up on who Stole the Unified Variety Show

May 11, 2018


by Len Lathrop

With a few initial delays, the Unified Variety Show opened the doors to the Steckevicz gym, and the show began with a patriotic salute of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and many other songs. The Unified students and their partners entertained their families, friends, and fellow students last Friday night. The jury is out on who stole the show. Was it Softball Coach Andrew Conrad going to the ball game or the Alvirne Vocal Director Mike Gallagan as Elvis, suavely swiveling his hips and all. But this vote goes to cowboy Hunter Ladd and his partner who line danced and sang.

The Alvirne Unified Program includes this musical as well as basketball and track, volleyball and soccer partnerships.

Alvirne Principal Steve Beals explained that the kids and the parents take great joy in participating. When you talk to the student partners at any of the events, they mention how much they learn and the rewards that they get for being part of the Unified teams.