It was a Sweet Competition at Rodgers Library

July 31, 2015


by Tom Tollefson

The George H. and Ella M. Rodgers Memorial Library was filled with friendly candy-coated competition on Tuesday, July 21.  Seven youth gathered into two groups for the Candy Tower event to meet the challenge of building a candy tower with marshmallows and toothpicks as their only resources.  This event was held as part of the library’s summer reading program, which exists to encourage children to read over the summer.

The challengers had an hour to build a candy tower and would receive one piece of candy for ever inch in height of their finished sugary construction.  There was no prize for the tallest tower.  It turned out to be a tie between the two teams with structures both standing at 10 inches.

“The competition they had between each other was there, but there was no prize for it.  They just wanted to beat each other,” said Danny Lykansion, head of Teen Services at the library.

One of the teams used a strategy of building their creation in the shape of a grid system, which began to collapse close to the end as the team worked together to stand it up straight again as much as possible.

“We didn’t have enough support for it, so it started topping over until it crashed,” said Kyle Bouchard, 14.

The competing team flipped their candy creation over in the last minute, which ended up giving it extra height.