It Takes a Village to Make their Holiday Special

December 11, 2015


by Bob Gibbs

Mickey Bemis began collecting Christmas Village pieces in 1972.  Her current collection takes up a majority of her front living room.  With the outside of her Pelham house decorated for the Christmas holiday, the real labor of love is in her home.

With her husband Tom’s help in building the display table right on top of the living room couch, Tom and Mickey spend almost a full day bringing up the many boxes of miniature village pieces from their basement.

Many of the more than 2,000 pieces that make up the village have a story.  Many Mickey purchased while out shopping, some were given to her as gifts and a few are homemade.  Two of the pieces came from the attic.  The pieces have come from Florida, a Mickey Mouse house, and from Alaska, a gin mill.  These pieces were purchased during vacations following Tom’s retirement from the U.S. Postal Service.

The village is always the centerpiece of the family holiday.  With Tom and Mickey’s three children, two grandchildren and many friends keeping an eye out for the next unique item, this labor of the love will surely continue to grow through the generations.